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St. Patrick's Day Treats and Candy

Hand out luck of the Irish Chocolate Bars & Lollipops to make the party more festive!
Shamrock Lollipop

Shamrock Lollipop

As Low As $0.10 Each
Item#: CC0141
St. Patrick's Day Chocolate Bar

St. Patrick's Day Chocolate Bar

As Low As $1.61 Each
Item#: CC0159

Get Lucky for St Patrick's Day Events With Shamrock Candy

St Patrick’s Day celebrations are known for their character and inspiration. Sparking parades, classroom activities and a variety of festive foods and drinks, the traditional Irish holiday is a boon for retailers. Leveraging the holiday to run sales and themed events, marketing and advertising can be adorned with iconic shamrocks and leprechauns, as well as decorated with green and white balloons and St Patrick’s Day candy. From green and white mints to custom St Patrick’s Day chocolate bars, these candies will lift the spirits of shoppers, grabbing their attention during the weeks leading up to the holiday.

Holiday candy can make any event more festive, and St Patrick’s Day candy is no exception. A trade show or awareness event held around the date of St Patrick’s Day can adopt the theme as its own. Vendors can enhance their booths with candy bars, lollipops and mints that are wrapped in green and white wrappers. Attracting trade show attendees with the holiday spirit as well as the prospect of free treats, these St Patricks Day candy could be the "luck of the Irish” for any vendor who hands them out.