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Candy for Professional Recognition Gifts

Hand out tasty candy treats to recognize your customer service staff, teachers, nurses, staff employees and everyone else who makes a difference at your organization.
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Sweet Candy & Chocolate Gift Ideas for Recognition Events

Staff recognition events run the gamut. From employee of the month events to profession specific appreciation events, there is a small celebration that will serve to recognize dedicated staff in a particular role. Whether the event is Teacher Appreciation Week, Nurses Week or Employee Appreciation Day, there is always room for a special sweet gift. Planners can use custom candy and chocolate gift ideas to reward those who work diligently to perform their duties.

As a casual reward, candy gifts can be given out as an "on the spot” recognition. Management can identify those staff members who go above and beyond to save a sale or provide exemplary care for a customer or patient, handing out candy bars or custom mints that have been personalized with a slogan of recognition. These sweet treats will not only reinforce the extra effort, they will provide inspiration for others to go the extra mile.

For more formal recognition, custom boxes of Belgian chocolates and rich truffles can be paired with an achievement award. These boxes can be personalized with a message of appreciation that matches the award. Custom boxes of chocolates will be appreciated by department staff, sales team who have reached goal, nursing departments, and groups of volunteers who have achieved a level of success.