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Candy & Chocolate for Awareness Events

Chocolates and candies make excellent handouts at awareness events. Your message will be that much sweeter when it appears on a wrapper or is engraved on a tasty Belgian chocolate bar.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Elections & Voting
Fire Safety & Prevention
Red Ribbon Week
Safety Themes

Build Awareness Event Excitement with Candy and Chocolate Giveaways

The measure of success for an awareness event is attendance. Organizations and community groups look to inspire participation in awareness events with the intention of reaching the maximum number of people. Whether the goal of the event is education, fundraising or outreach, handing out chocolates and candy will influence people to attend. The initial draw of receiving a free candy giveaway may lead to an attendee learning something new about a cause or health issue. Combined with educational materials and other reminders, custom awareness candy can help create a successful event.

For awareness campaigns that deal with health issues, creating excitement and attendance can translate into all-important funds. Support campaigns for causes such as Breast Cancer Awareness Month and American Heart Month generate funds for research and treatment development, making the investment in awareness giveaways a small investment towards a larger goal. A chocolate bar that features a ribbon design that represents awareness can reward those attendees who contribute funds and efforts to support the cause.

For community safety awareness events, a candy giveaway can truly have an impact. Not only will the awareness candy entice participation, but also they can serve as reminders of the safety message after the event. For outreach safety events such as Red Ribbon Week and Fire Prevention Week, the candies can carry slogans that remind recipients of the need to "stop, drop and roll” or to "just say no to drugs.” Appreciated by students and adults alike, these sweet rewards will reinforce the awareness messages.