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Safety Sure is Sweet
Wednesday, Jun 6/5/2013 2013
Safety Month ChocolatesCompanies and organizations often have mandatory safety meetings for their staff members, adhering to compliance regulations that may come from their state or the federal government. While these safety meetings may be standard procedure and as a result a bit boring, there is a way to keep attendees engaged and even entertained throughout the time they put in. Safety themed candy can be used to reward participation and even success at quizzes and activities held during the meeting. As a small treat set out on tables, starting the meeting with a Safety First Lollipop will give each staff member a sweet treat. Custom printed with the slogan "Safety First" delivers a simple but effective message to the employees as they enjoy their sucker.

In many cases, attendance is mandatory, but participation is not. Staff can easily attend a meeting without truly participating. Safety managers can inspire participation by offering custom safety chocolate bars as rewards for those who take an active part in the meeting. Safety tests that cover the material can also be rewarded with chocolate gifts, making safety candy the perfect incentive for paying attention to the meeting topics.
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