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Do the Bride and Groom a Favor
Thursday, May 5/30/2013 2013
candy wedding favorsWeddings are all about having fun, celebrating the newly married couple and enjoying some food and drink. Indulging for the event, those who have dieted and cut back in order to fit into a dress or suit can let loose and enjoy themselves. From the cocktail hour, through the dinner courses and punctuating in dessert, good food goes hand in hand with good times. The special break from dieting adds to the experience for the bride and groom as well, resulting in a party that will be remembered long after it is over.  The treat can extend to the wedding favor, with choices of candy and chocolates that will delight guests and carry the sentiment of appreciation.

Whether the wedding favor is a tin of mints or a custom chocolate bar, the treat can be enjoyed either at the event or afterwards. A custom printed message of appreciation on a wedding favor can deliver the thanks that the newlyweds have for all the guests that shared the special event with them. Properly conveying the theme of a wedding, heart shaped chocolates, mints and lollipops can become more than delicious favors, they can become part of the wedding decorations as well. Spread across the table, they will enhance any marital event.
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