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Chocolate Sentiments Sweeten Your Message
Tuesday, May 5/14/2013 2013
custom candySaying thanks to staff for going the extra mile is integral to motivating them to continue working hard. With the economy in what seems to be a constant state of uncertainty, companies will continue to be wary of handing out raises and bonuses. Without bonuses and in some cases an entire staff of part time workers, the need to continue motivating employees can be satisfied by making use of promotional giveaways, such as chocolate candy bars.

A chocolate bar can provide a well earned pick me up during a long day, or a sweet snack during a lunch break. As an on the spot recognition gift, a chocolate bar can deliver a message of thanks and a welcome symbol of gratitude. For staff appreciation events promotional chocolate bars provide an easy way to say thanks, for a low cost.

Chocolate bars can be combined with other giveaways, creating a unique combination gift for staff. Reminiscent of a more substantial gift basket or packaged gift, organizers can put a custom chocolate bar in a mug along with a card, wrapped in a decorative cellophane and bow for presentation. These custom bars carry sentiments and can be matched with other sentimental items for maximum impact.
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