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Lollipops "Stick" It To Your Next Event
Friday, May 5/10/2013 2013
custom lollipopLollipops have always been a popular giveaway. From barber shops to offices, antsy children have always been soothed by a quickly produced lollipop. These sweet giveaways have brought smiles to the anxious child and the memory of that plays into custom lollipops being popular with adults as well. Whether the promotion is an awareness event and the lollipop is a sweet pick me up for participants or a trade show and the lollipops are traffic builders at a booth, these custom candies will promote a message in a sweet way. In addition to the candy which can hold a design, the stick of a lollipop can carry an imprint as well. This stick imprint can be a fun message or even contact information. The colors and flavors of the lollipops can help marketers match them to their campaigns.
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