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A Rainbow Of Promotional Opportunity
Wednesday, May 5/8/2013 2013
The variety of fruit flavors make Skittles a popular candy for young and old. The variety of different custom Skittles containers make them a sweet way to promote an event or appreciate a customer. Skittles candy can be found in a snap top case, giving a custom message a reliable view each time they are pulled from a pocket.

Along with candy tins and flip top dispensers which feature translucent views in to the Skittles contained within, they make great giveaways at a customer appreciation event or corporate meeting. For trade shows, Skittles in a treat pack are a perfect traffic builder, kept in bowls on display tables, enticing attendees to visit and pick up information. For corporate gifts, presenting a box of Skittles is a welcome change from the usual chocolates or jelly beans.
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