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Savory Is Sweet With Peanuts
Thursday, Mar 3/21/2013 2013
The perfect pair for a sweet chocolate candy is the savory, nutty flavor of peanuts. With March being National Peanut Month, we can't help but highlight the mix of peanuts and chocolate in our custom candy lineup. Beyond the simple pleasure of getting a custom printed bag of peanuts at a trade show or corporate event, getting a mix of peanuts and chocolate, whether mixed together or on a custom gift box, is a special treat. Variety and flavor are the highlights of a gift box containing peanuts and assorted candies. The selection of which snack to indulge in will find the peanut offerings disappearing much quicker. Adding peanuts to a custom chocolate bar is a great way of kicking up the perceived value of the candy giveaway, offering a more substantial gift.
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