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Candy Leftovers Provide Marketing Test Opportunities
Monday, Nov 11/4/2013 2013
When the Halloween hangover has finally dissipated, all the leftover candy from the stock for trick or treaters has been realized and all the kids candy has been surreptitiously taken from them, we are left with a bunch of sweets. What can be done with all this candy? The candy giveaway can continue in the office and in retail stores, making for good will with customers and employees.

A bowl of free candy is always appreciated, for a quick pick me up or because of the fact it is free. While the maximum impact on a candy promotion would be a custom candy wrapper with a brand or logo, leftover Halloween candy can easily make an impression on customers as the visit a store, in some cases surprising them with name brand candy as a treat. The setup can be a test to see the reception that candy gets as a giveaway. A free bowl of leftover Halloween candy could return positive feedback, inspiring management to invest in custom candy in the future. A zero investment test can reveal a new way of engaging customers.
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