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Thinking Outside the Box
Thursday, Sep 9/19/2013 2013
An elegant custom candy box provides a charming vehicle to commemorate any occasion. Send your good wishes, welcomes and thank youís to your customers and clients in style. Box chocolates, jelly beans, and candy are a great way to impress and to be shared by all. Candy is irresistible and indulging.<p>
Having just one is not always enough. Since these gifts are usually shared amongst others, itís a great way to spread your message over and over. Packaging is very important so displaying your logo or message will defiantly stand out on these elegant gifts. Eating a small amount of chocolate, rich with flavonoids are actually a healthy option.<p>
Another compelling reason to give a box of chocolates at your medical practice or health establishment to promote good healthy candy eating! You can also personalize any of these gifts for any occasion. Celebration Candy offers a variety of delicious treats in jars, boxes, tins or box towers. We also have an assortment of boxed gourmet cookie which are the perfect gift to send when you canít be there in person. Itís like having a special message in a box! Not only do these gifts taste great but they come in fun, festive packages for all occasions. These assortments of boxed candy are great corporate gifts and promotional giveaways. Whatever the occasion or reason, everyone will enjoy a gift box of some sort.<p>
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