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Sweet or Sour - Stick That Tongue Out
Friday, Jul 7/19/2013 2013
A little known fact is that today, July 19th, is Stick Your Tongue Out Day. In order to celebrate this fun holiday, there are a few approaches that can bring a few laughs to an office, retail outlet, organization or school. While the act of sticking one's tongue out is traditionally a sign of disrespect or disapproval, the face that is made is undeniably funny. If given a fun reason to perform this crazy face, the participants will inspire laughter and humor for everyone around them. The first step is handing out some candy!

Sour candies are very popular these days. Of course they are best when they are expected. Handing out a "sweet" candy that really is sour can incite recipients to stick their tongue out as a reaction. The experience will result in smiles as the candy is eventually enjoyed.

Colorful candy such as custom lollipops can impart a unique look to the tongues of those who consume them. Adults and children alike will get a kick out of showing off their newly adorned tongues after eating a free candy giveaway.
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