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Friday, November 15, 2013
holiday gift candyChristmas is an iconic holiday, spreading warm feelings throughout homes and offices during the winter season. Christmas is much more than a religious holiday, celebrated ad appreciated by people of all backgrounds. Through imagery on TV, print ads and community decorations, we all are inspired by Christmas. Candy gifts with Christmas designs are especially popular as holiday gifts, bringing the cheer to recipients along with sweet treat. From chocolate bars wrapped in a Santa Claus design to a Christmas tree shaped cookie shipped along with a greeting card, the sweet gifts can bring a smile to customers and corporate associates.
Monday, November 4, 2013
When the Halloween hangover has finally dissipated, all the leftover candy from the stock for trick or treaters has been realized and all the kids candy has been surreptitiously taken from them, we are left with a bunch of sweets. What can be done with all this candy? The candy giveaway can continue in the office and in retail stores, making for good will with customers and employees.

A bowl of free candy is always appreciated, for a quick pick me up or because of the fact it is free. While the maximum impact on a candy promotion would be a custom candy wrapper with a brand or logo, leftover Halloween candy can easily make an impression on customers as the visit a store, in some cases surprising them with name brand candy as a treat. The setup can be a test to see the reception that candy gets as a giveaway. A free bowl of leftover Halloween candy could return positive feedback, inspiring management to invest in custom candy in the future. A zero investment test can reveal a new way of engaging customers.
Wednesday, September 18, 2013
An elegant custom candy box provides a charming vehicle to commemorate any occasion. Send your good wishes, welcomes and thank youís to your customers and clients in style. Box chocolates, jelly beans, and candy are a great way to impress and to be shared by all. Candy is irresistible and indulging.<p>
Having just one is not always enough. Since these gifts are usually shared amongst others, itís a great way to spread your message over and over. Packaging is very important so displaying your logo or message will defiantly stand out on these elegant gifts. Eating a small amount of chocolate, rich with flavonoids are actually a healthy option.<p>
Another compelling reason to give a box of chocolates at your medical practice or health establishment to promote good healthy candy eating! You can also personalize any of these gifts for any occasion. Celebration Candy offers a variety of delicious treats in jars, boxes, tins or box towers. We also have an assortment of boxed gourmet cookie which are the perfect gift to send when you canít be there in person. Itís like having a special message in a box! Not only do these gifts taste great but they come in fun, festive packages for all occasions. These assortments of boxed candy are great corporate gifts and promotional giveaways. Whatever the occasion or reason, everyone will enjoy a gift box of some sort.<p>
Friday, July 19, 2013
A little known fact is that today, July 19th, is Stick Your Tongue Out Day. In order to celebrate this fun holiday, there are a few approaches that can bring a few laughs to an office, retail outlet, organization or school. While the act of sticking one's tongue out is traditionally a sign of disrespect or disapproval, the face that is made is undeniably funny. If given a fun reason to perform this crazy face, the participants will inspire laughter and humor for everyone around them. The first step is handing out some candy!

Sour candies are very popular these days. Of course they are best when they are expected. Handing out a "sweet" candy that really is sour can incite recipients to stick their tongue out as a reaction. The experience will result in smiles as the candy is eventually enjoyed.

Colorful candy such as custom lollipops can impart a unique look to the tongues of those who consume them. Adults and children alike will get a kick out of showing off their newly adorned tongues after eating a free candy giveaway.
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Friday, June 21, 2013
patriotic lollipopsThis summer, companies and small businesses up and down Main Street can show their pride in our great country while promoting their products or services. A popular sweet to give out year round can carry the image of the American Flag, along with a custom printed lollipop stick with the business name and contact info.

 Lollipops are favorites for barber shops, convenience stores and other businesses that will be serving customers as they prepare for our nation's independence day, the 4th of July. Custom head suckers with the flag design are not the only way lollipops can convey patriotism, by offering a selection of red and blue lollipops, the combination of the candy and their white sticks will create a patriotic presentation.
Wednesday, June 5, 2013
Safety Month ChocolatesCompanies and organizations often have mandatory safety meetings for their staff members, adhering to compliance regulations that may come from their state or the federal government. While these safety meetings may be standard procedure and as a result a bit boring, there is a way to keep attendees engaged and even entertained throughout the time they put in. Safety themed candy can be used to reward participation and even success at quizzes and activities held during the meeting. As a small treat set out on tables, starting the meeting with a Safety First Lollipop will give each staff member a sweet treat. Custom printed with the slogan "Safety First" delivers a simple but effective message to the employees as they enjoy their sucker.

In many cases, attendance is mandatory, but participation is not. Staff can easily attend a meeting without truly participating. Safety managers can inspire participation by offering custom safety chocolate bars as rewards for those who take an active part in the meeting. Safety tests that cover the material can also be rewarded with chocolate gifts, making safety candy the perfect incentive for paying attention to the meeting topics.
Thursday, May 30, 2013
candy wedding favorsWeddings are all about having fun, celebrating the newly married couple and enjoying some food and drink. Indulging for the event, those who have dieted and cut back in order to fit into a dress or suit can let loose and enjoy themselves. From the cocktail hour, through the dinner courses and punctuating in dessert, good food goes hand in hand with good times. The special break from dieting adds to the experience for the bride and groom as well, resulting in a party that will be remembered long after it is over.  The treat can extend to the wedding favor, with choices of candy and chocolates that will delight guests and carry the sentiment of appreciation.

Whether the wedding favor is a tin of mints or a custom chocolate bar, the treat can be enjoyed either at the event or afterwards. A custom printed message of appreciation on a wedding favor can deliver the thanks that the newlyweds have for all the guests that shared the special event with them. Properly conveying the theme of a wedding, heart shaped chocolates, mints and lollipops can become more than delicious favors, they can become part of the wedding decorations as well. Spread across the table, they will enhance any marital event.
Tuesday, May 14, 2013
custom candySaying thanks to staff for going the extra mile is integral to motivating them to continue working hard. With the economy in what seems to be a constant state of uncertainty, companies will continue to be wary of handing out raises and bonuses. Without bonuses and in some cases an entire staff of part time workers, the need to continue motivating employees can be satisfied by making use of promotional giveaways, such as chocolate candy bars.

A chocolate bar can provide a well earned pick me up during a long day, or a sweet snack during a lunch break. As an on the spot recognition gift, a chocolate bar can deliver a message of thanks and a welcome symbol of gratitude. For staff appreciation events promotional chocolate bars provide an easy way to say thanks, for a low cost.

Chocolate bars can be combined with other giveaways, creating a unique combination gift for staff. Reminiscent of a more substantial gift basket or packaged gift, organizers can put a custom chocolate bar in a mug along with a card, wrapped in a decorative cellophane and bow for presentation. These custom bars carry sentiments and can be matched with other sentimental items for maximum impact.
Friday, May 10, 2013
custom lollipopLollipops have always been a popular giveaway. From barber shops to offices, antsy children have always been soothed by a quickly produced lollipop. These sweet giveaways have brought smiles to the anxious child and the memory of that plays into custom lollipops being popular with adults as well. Whether the promotion is an awareness event and the lollipop is a sweet pick me up for participants or a trade show and the lollipops are traffic builders at a booth, these custom candies will promote a message in a sweet way. In addition to the candy which can hold a design, the stick of a lollipop can carry an imprint as well. This stick imprint can be a fun message or even contact information. The colors and flavors of the lollipops can help marketers match them to their campaigns.
Thursday, May 9, 2013
custom chocolate barThey may not last as long as other promotional giveaways but custom chocolate bars are sure to be remembered. Custom candy is one of the ideal promotional products and corporate gifts because it leaves an impression that few other giveaways can. A chocolate lovers dream, personalized candy bars are full sized, custom wrapped giveaways that will entice, reward and promote all at the same time. There is no better way to attract people to a trade show booth, job fair table or promotional event than offering candy bars. Attendees who have been walking the floor of a show or event will appreciate the sweet, satisfying gift, influenced to discuss the products or information while enjoying the treat.

An engraved chocolate bar also makes an excellent gift to employees and volunteers. Great for recognition and awareness events, these custom chocolate bars can carry the message of thanks as well as the slogan of the cause or company. Providing a snack for those volunteering or participating in an awareness walk or run, or a coffee break treat for staff members, these custom wrapped chocolate bars are a sweet way to deliver a sentiment.
Wednesday, May 8, 2013
The variety of fruit flavors make Skittles a popular candy for young and old. The variety of different custom Skittles containers make them a sweet way to promote an event or appreciate a customer. Skittles candy can be found in a snap top case, giving a custom message a reliable view each time they are pulled from a pocket.

Along with candy tins and flip top dispensers which feature translucent views in to the Skittles contained within, they make great giveaways at a customer appreciation event or corporate meeting. For trade shows, Skittles in a treat pack are a perfect traffic builder, kept in bowls on display tables, enticing attendees to visit and pick up information. For corporate gifts, presenting a box of Skittles is a welcome change from the usual chocolates or jelly beans.
Thursday, March 21, 2013
The perfect pair for a sweet chocolate candy is the savory, nutty flavor of peanuts. With March being National Peanut Month, we can't help but highlight the mix of peanuts and chocolate in our custom candy lineup. Beyond the simple pleasure of getting a custom printed bag of peanuts at a trade show or corporate event, getting a mix of peanuts and chocolate, whether mixed together or on a custom gift box, is a special treat. Variety and flavor are the highlights of a gift box containing peanuts and assorted candies. The selection of which snack to indulge in will find the peanut offerings disappearing much quicker. Adding peanuts to a custom chocolate bar is a great way of kicking up the perceived value of the candy giveaway, offering a more substantial gift.
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